We are software

We design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern websites, web services and e-commerce stores. We also excel in branding & identity design and digital strategy. Instead of answering client briefs with predetermined solutions, we focus on finding real answers to your business problems, whether your challenge is to increase your sales, gather more leads, or grow your brand’s visibility.


Good project management is key. It doesn’t matter if your project is just starting from the ground up or is mature and full of features — work is smoother, more controllable and faster when there are solid management principles guiding it.


Software engineering is a complex process. To be successful, projects require solid system architecture, development standards, and an emphasis on code quality. Successful projects employ smart engineers. Our engineers always think in terms of the business needs.

Creating experiences

We work across different stacks to provide your customers with the best experience. Whether you want hybrid or native we’re a fit. We care about security. It’s in our name and the air we breathe each day. If you need a robust, secure product then we’re your team.

  • Web applications
  • Native applications
  • Hybrid environments

Products and solutions

The team has participated in a variety of projects and implementations, that include such feature sets.

Encrypthype brings a defined technical and delivery process to every project the company takes on.
This process is not rigid and is responsive to each client's unique needs or requirements.

  • Online payment integrations with Braintree, Speedly, Authorize and Bridge-pay gateways
  • Implementation of ApplePay, NFC payments, RFIDPayments or Beacon Payments
  • Online fully encrypted payments with injected software to peripheral devices
  • A plethora of native mobile applications across a number of market segments
  • Online shop ordering and integration with shipping companies (DHL, FedEX)
  • Implementation of big data portals that handle large and heavy portions of database
  • CMS implementations based on Wordpress, Drupal and in-house CMS solutions
  • PCI compliance (different levels) process with clients
  • Tools such as Github, Trello, Jira, Basecamp, Testflight, Hockeyapp, Axure, Invision, Fabric

All things apps

We work across different stacks to provide your customers with the best experience possible. Whether you want hybrid, native or a mix, we're a We care about security.

  • Apps have moved beyond phones and computers. If your team wants to be at the cutting edge, then work with us.
  • Our team uses smart watches every day and has been developing solutions since the first of these wearables hit the market.
  • We develop for Android Wear and Apple Watch.


The Encrypthype development process follows today's best practices for agile and lean software development. Our team makes use of a mix of agile, scrum, CI and ITIL methodologies. During each phase of a project, our team makes use of best-of-breed tools.

  • Discovery &

    This phase allows us to fully understand the needs of Client's. Team is focused on translating the your business needs into technical solutions and system architectures that provide the best overall solution. We identify the technical requirements and craft a strategy for the delivery process. This phase also includes scope for project planning, including the project timeline, semi-releases and key milestones. We consider this to be the most important phase as it defines the scope and final deliverables for the product. When needed, Encrypthype will develop user stories or new wireframes and sitemaps in collaboration with our client when applicable. These stories, wireframes and system diagrams are the foundation for a project and their evolution is key to the project's final success.

  • Designs & architecture

    Once the UX/UI is set, we are able to provide a dedicated UI designer who prepares pixel-perfect layouts for each device/size required. In previous projects, this phase typically includes the preparation of the system's architecture and databases structure.

  • Implementation

    This phase starts with implementation of the core of your product, the back-end logic and infrastructure. The project's backend developer will set the foundation and define the structure that our front-end engineers will leverage to create the visual representation that users (external and internal to Client) see and interact with. During each two week development cycle we provide a test build. This rapid iteration technique is one technique we use to guarantee quality (a dedicated QA engineer tests each cycle's build) and provide our clients with a realistic timeline as the project moves forward.

  • Delivery

    The Delivery phase guarantees safe production release of the product. During this phase a QA team member is also involved to guarantee the level of service.The Deliver phase involves testing of all elements, for all users, with the goal of a successful site launch. This includes testing the site for usability purposes.

  • Maintenance & adjustments

    The Last production phase focuses on the ongoing maintenance of the production instance. During this phase, Encrypthype makes use of various tools to measure performance in order to guide the team's efforts to provide required enhancements and adjustments to improve performance.